My Bag

Displays a list of your characters, weapons and items and other necessary information.

1. View character/weapon details and equip/disarm:

  • Click directly on the Card or press the "Detail" button to see the details of the character and weapon including: battle strength, level, name, system,...

  • Select the weapon, see the power increase and decrease to choose and then press "Equip" to equip that weapon.

2. Click "Set Sale" to enter the selling price of the item (character, weapon, ...) to sell and then press "Confirm" to post on the Market for sale. After posting, the Sticker will be displayed in the corner of the item with the status “On Sale’’, if you want to cancel the sale, press "Cancel"


  • The fee send to the market is free, it can be removed after 24h if it is not sold

  • If you want to withdraw early, you will lose 200 HRB (all these tokens will go to the MKT wallet)

3. The left column is the 2 item filters by Rare (rarity) and Class (system)

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