Why Hero Battle ?

What is HeroBattle's Strengths?

  • Friendly images and amazing graphics.

  • Attractive game content.

  • Variety of characters and items in the game.

  • Combine heroes and create a well-balanced team. Find your own magic combo.

  • Fair and transparent playing mechanism.

  • Herobattle is built on both web applications and mobile devices such as: Android/ IOS.

  • Many activities and tournaments will be held every month with huge prize up to thousands of dollars.

  • Professional and experienced game development team.

  • An enthusiastic and experienced community development team with many cores currently managing many large community groups.

  • Marketing team with many relationships as well as understanding in the field of marketing.

  • And most importantly, we will be able to build a huge HEROBATTLE community thanks to you. Join us today.

  • HEROBATTLE will be the most attractive game project on BSC with professional game developers combined with blockchain game platform development team. Players will experience a PLAY-TO-EARN RPG model. The difference between HEROBATTLE and a traditional game is the Blockchain economic design used to reward our players for their contributions.

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