The place where the battle between heroes and monsters takes place

Step 1: Choose the character to go to battle and arrange the squad (All your characters and equipment are in My Bag) by clicking on the avatars of the characters in the list on the left, below the game screen or you can drag the character to the 6 slots above that have been preset and arrange the character lineup as you like.

Note: 1 team must have 5 characters and fully equipped with weapons

Step 2: See the right win rate for you (below the Bosses) and press “Fighting” to start fighting. If you do not see a suitable Boss, you can click “Refresh All” above the list of Bosses.

Step 3: The game screen displays the game battle between the heroes and the Boss you selected.

  • In case you win, the game will return a reward including: Token HRB and experience increase for each Hero and minus 40 Spin per battle

  • If you Lose, you will get nothing and subtract 40 Spin per battle


  • Maximum 500 Spins per character

  • Deduct 40 Spins per game

  • 360s restore 1 Spin

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