Under the protection of the Almighty Lord, the world was always filled with light and peace, until one day… The Demon King emerged from the chaos of darkness, intending to attack & destroy all life on the planet. To protect the world, the Almighty Lord used all his strength and fought the Demon King. The fierce battle raged for days and nights until the Almighty Lord decided to sacrificed his final powers to defeat the Demon King. These powers derive form the five energy elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

The key to the victory was a collection of five energy element-related stones guarded by five races, each representing one of these five elements. As time goes by, along with the development of civilization, the greed in people also grows. Since then, a war between the five races has erupted, weakening both sides. Without the protection and unity of the five races, the power of the sealing stones dwindled. An oracle predicted that the day when the Demon King would be released from the seal was approaching. To defeat the Demon King's dark power, the only way is to gather the strength of the five energy stones, open five pathways, and summon Heroes from the five parallel worlds. The day the darkness begins to fall, the five heroes appeared! RISE UP, OUR HEROES!

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