Character class system

At the beginning of the game, players need to own at least 5 characters of 1 of the 5 systems below to be able to participate in the battle. To own the character, the player needs to buy a champion card in the developer's NFT store (limited opening sale) or another player's. Opening the Hero Card will randomly receive a male or female hero of 1 of 5 types and have a random number of stars from 1 to 5 stars. Players can start their fight immediately.

  • There are 5 character classes corresponding to the five races. Please note, Each character system has a unique characteristic that counters each other. Characters will gain or lose strength when encountering monsters (in PVE) or other Characters (in PVP) based on the system of the counter or countered character.

Fire Tribe >> Metal Tribe >> Tree Tribe >> Earth Tribe >> Metal Tribe >> Water Tribe >> Fire Tribe ...

  • Player can own up to 5 characters. Try to collect yourself enough 5 characters of 5 different system to be able to diversify in the arrangement of the squad during the battle.

Chance to get 20% when opening character card.

The number of stars for a character represents the rarity and strength of that character.

  • 1 star : Beginner-class Hero (51% )

  • 2 stars : Intermediate Hero (30% )

  • 3 stars : Advanced Hero ( 15% )

  • 4 stars : Rare Hero ( 3% )

  • 5 stars : Legendary Hero ( 1% )

Players can also upgrade their character with 3 characters of the same system and the same number of stars and turn it into a character with a higher number of stars.

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